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We do online presence management with an emphasis on organic rankings and traffic.

“SEO” has become a misnomer; almost an oxymoron. When the term “SEO” first began being used, it appropriately referred the optimization of a website and its profile of linking sites. Competing online, for most B2C’s is not about just websites, keywords, on-page optimization, or links anymore. It’s about brands as entities and how they relate to the themes people are looking for. Competing online is a series of battles and it is important to know how to pick the right one. The majority of consultants in this space are still in a mindset of websites ranking vs. brands and entities which have websites, links vs. machine readable connections, and keywords instead of themes. But we continue to work in the “SEO” space because for now, that is how it is still known.

“Tactical” has come out of years of fighting in the trenches. We have repeatedly fought and won in highly competitive legal (personal injury and criminal) and medical (Med Spa and cosmetic procedures) in regionals such as Dallas & Fort Worth, New York, Las Vegas, Reno, Louisville, Nashville, Boston, Birmingham, Boise, Salt Lake, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Portland as well as other smaller markets. In some markets such as Dallas, Boston, and Philadelphia, we’ve earned top primary rankings more than once on separate campaigns.

Our current missions include:

– Entity-based, competitive client SEO that isn’t from 2010

– An approach that lines up with the currently emerging changes from the shift to an entity driven web governed by Google’s drive to completely monetize search

– Custom brand based site development

– Schema research and development for competing in the evolving semantic (not links based) search environment

– CRO and Lead Nurturing & Automation for the modern prospect

– Funnels and Mar-Tech Stacks

– Rankings tactics research

We are currently not marketing for new full service client campaigns but can be available to discuss case-by-case projects or, if you are a referral, we can discuss ongoing campaigns. Under the current paradigm, we can often do a fixed length project involving the restructuring of a site, it’s internal linking, and page inventory along with a custom schema set and completely revitalize organic traffic.

If you’re tired of low quality, overseas fulfilled, or outdated keyword based “seo” and just want to get some organic traffic already, get in touch with the form below and tell us a little bit about your business or company’s situation.


The Tactical Co. is a small home-grown Utah and Wyoming based consultancy specializing in boutique digital and direct marketing and website services with an unusually rich background competing in tough niches.

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